Year 5 York Trip

Year 5 Trip to York

The Castle Museum and Walking Tour

As part of the Key Stage 2 trip to York, Year 5 had the exciting opportunity to visit the Castle Museum. Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to explore a real life model of trench warfare. The children moved through the exhibits exploring how soldiers live during the many years they were at war. This included the food they ate, how they slept as well as the different weapons they used. 

During the other half of the day the children were taken on a guided tour of York where they were able to examine artefacts  relating to York through the ages. As the children explored York, they were asked to find artefacts that still stood after hundreds and thousands of years and then examine what they told them about York’s history. 

All of the children came back with new memories they will remember for a long time to come!