Year 5 Homework Schedule

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Year 5 Homework Schedule

Autumn Term

Weekly Home Learning Schedule: 

  1. All children are expected to complete a minimum of 3 reads at home which are to be recorded into their diary 
  2. Spellings – 10 words are sent home on a Tuesday to be returned for the following Monday. These words will also be explored during lessons that week.
  3. Maths – Times Table Rock Stars is allocated each week. The children must complete the set activities before they can explore the other elements. (If you cannot access this at home please speak to us)
  4. English – Grammar activities are sent home weekly on a Tuesday to be returned for the following Monday. 
  5. Reading – A reading assessment paper is sent home every Friday to be returned for the following Friday. Test skills are then explorered during this session. 
  6. Creative – A project to be completed at home during the term which is linked to our Topic of Ancient Greece. This is due on the 13th December. 

If you have any queries regarding the home learning schedule please speak to your child’s class teacher.