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The West Park Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team and Teachers

Senior Leadership  Team
Mr M Nunn – Principal 
Mr C Baker – Vice Principal
Miss K Courtney – Assistant Principal

Foundation 1 Team
Miss S Edmonds (Year Group Leader)
Mrs L Hampson

Foundation 2 Team
Mrs B Turner (Year Group Leader – EYFS Leader)
Miss K Howard
Miss W Price (Speech and Language Leader)

Year 1 Team
Miss J Barley (Year Group Leader)
Mrs S Borrill 

Year 2 Team
Mr C Baker (Year Group Leader – Key Stage 1 Leader)
Mrs K Lole

Year 3 Team
Mrs J Evans (Year Group Leader)
Miss J Reed
Mr A Bailey (PE and school sport specialist)

Year 4 Team
Miss N De Jesus (Year Group Leader)
Miss T Culley
Mrs J Sansom

Year 5 Team
Miss A Pepper  (Year Group Leader)
Miss C Fairhurst
Mr J Barber (PE and school sport specialist)

Year 6 Team
Miss K Courtney (Year Group Leader – KS2 Leader)
Mr W Cox
Miss V Bray

Family Support Worker/Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Bowler

All Other Staff

Office, Administrative & Management

Office Staff
Ms V Phillips (Office Manager)
Mrs K Bannister


Midday Supervisors
Miss J Randle
Mrs Z Chowdhury
Miss V Smith
Ms A Williams
Miss M Pynegar
Miss T Roberts
Mr D Howard
Miss N Stanley
Miss L Chalkley
Miss M Allen

Academy kitchen
Mr I Challard (Cook in charge)
Mrs D Summers
Mrs A Harrison

Site Manager
Mr M Thorpe

Cleaning Staff
Mrs M Johnson 
Ms H Walker
Mrs S Lovegrove
Ms M Priest
Miss C Buckland