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Our Academy Council

An Introduction

The current members of the academy council are:

Year 6
6G- Josh B
6J- Lilly P

Year 5
5G- Jessica G
5K- Oscar H

Year 4
4R- Shakira H
4L- Kydon H

Year 3
3J- Betul O
3S- Megan W


Year 2
2SB- Isabella C
2JD- Daisy B
2JB- Finley B

Year 1
1T- Baran O
1M- Milan E
1H- Logan B

Foundation 2
F2- Declan H
F2- Michelle



Academy Council

Latest Activities

At The West Park Academy we have a very proactive Academy Council who meet once per week. In order to be elected onto the council the children had to write a letter to say why they thought they were the right person to be elected to represent their class. We were fortunate enough to have many applications and it is true to say that the children were very clear in their ideas and opinions about what makes a good representative.

One of their first jobs was to look at the new designs for the playground markings which are due to be done by the end of the year. They are also very busy helping in designing the new school menu which will be introduced in February 2018. Very soon the council will be focussing on reading and how this is recorded in the reading diaries and discussing incentives to encourage children to read